Lou Lesko is an American photographer and writer. He started shooting pictures for the fashion industry and then expanded his metier to include photojournalism so he could travel to splendid places on someone else's dime. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California's writing program, a Lowell Thomas Award winner for photojournalism, and a former editor at National Geographic Assignment. He is also the founder of BlinkBid, production software for the commercial photography and television commercial industries.


The Ghost of Communism
The true story of a fashion photographer who goes to the Soviet Union as a photojournalist, not quite knowing what photojournalists do.

The Secret Life of Models
Stalkers, masturbators, and battered feet; welcome to the glamorous life of a fashion model.

The Hacker's Life, My Weekend At Defcon
A weekend spent with the elite hackers of the internet. This story originally appeared in National Geographic Assignment.

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