The Art of Bidding in a New Era
From usage licenses to library shoots to writing treatments - everything’s changed, and getting a commercial photography job requires more savvy than ever.

Join veteran art producer Suzee Barrabee and me as we present a hardcore, no-holds-barred practical seminar on how to bid jobs in the current climate.

April 6th 2017
Helms Daylight Studios
3221 Hutchison Avenue
April 17th 2017
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY


In 1989 I was selected to go to the Soviet Union to photograph the premier issue of a magazine entitled Montage. It was the first publication to ever be published simultaneously in the United States and in Russia.

The Berlin Wall had just fallen, Poland and Hungary had converted to a non-communist government, and the people of Romania were about to violently overthrow their country’s Communist regime.

The Ghost of Communism tells the true story of the striking Cold War image that I photographed and then almost lost forever.

Coming April 2nd 2017


Lou Lesko is an American photographer and writer. He started by shooting pictures in the fashion industry and then expanded his métier to include photojournalism so he could travel to splendid places on someone else’s dime. His work has been published worldwide and has been recognized as “pretty gosh darn good” by a few award bestowing associations.

He is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s writing program, a Lowell Thomas Award winner for photojournalism, and a former editor at National Geographic Assignment. He is also the founder of BlinkBid, the world’s best bidding and production software for creatives.