The Art of Bidding in a New Era

From usage licenses to library shoots to writing treatments - everything’s changed, and getting a commercial photography job requires more savvy than ever.

Veteran art-producer Suzee Barrabee, formerly of Goodby Silverstein, was kind enough to collaborate with me on this. She appeared with me at the opening evening of the tour. She is awesome.

Apr. 6th 2017
Helms Daylight Studios with Suzee Barrabee
Culver City, CA
Thank You LA
Apr. 17th 2017
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY
Thank You RIT
June 6th 2017
Art Institute Atlanta with Callie Householder
Atlanta, GA
Thank You AI
June 7th 2017
Bad Wolf Studio with Callie Householder
Atlanta, GA
Thank You APA Atlanta
Sept. 19th 2017
Glazer's Camera
811 Republican St.
Seattle, WA
APA Northwest
Nov. 7th 2017
Washington, DCTBD
Nov. 8th 2017
New York, NYTBD
Nov. 9th 2017
Yale University
New Haven, CT

The Ghost
of Communism

The Ghost of Communism is about a striking Cold War photo I shot in the Soviet Union in 1989.

The Berlin Wall had just fallen, Poland and Hungary were newly converted to non-communist governments, and the Romanian people were about to violently overthrow their country’s Communist Regime. I had somehow managed to get myself a photojournalist position with Montage, the first magazine of any genre to be published simultaneously in both the United States and Russia. I was sent to photograph content for the premier issue by claiming that fashion photography and photojournalism were similar disciplines. I could not have been more wrong.

The Ghost of Communism drops this Spring.


Why, hello there. My name is a Lou Lesko. What I do for living is run a small company called BlinkBid. Actually, I don't run it all, my business partner Chantal does. She's the adult out of the two of us. My role is as founder. The company was born from the idea that creative professionals should have an easy to use yet powerful business tool to navigate the esoteric complexities of photo and commercial production. Which I did for the first twenty-eight years of my career.

It all started with fashion photography at the age of nineteen, and then moved on to photojournalism, writing, directing commercials, and a three year stint at National Geographic. There's more to the story, including graduation from the writing program at the University of Southern California, a few published books, and a few awards, but rambling bios are like vacation pictures; they only mean something to the person that created them, and their mothers.

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