Lou Lou's Journal

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Not one for wanting to meander among throngs of tourists, my patience is biblically tested as inane jokes about "all these steps" echo off the stone walls of the narrow winding staircase of the Cathedrale de Notre Dame. The body odor of the crowd becomes more pungent the higher we ascend the 387 steps. Begin to wonder about the portly gentleman in front of me. His breathing is labored. If his heart ceases he's gonna fall backward and roll over me like that big stone in the Indiana Jones movie.

Thankfully we make to the out-of-doors and a spectacular view of Paris. We seem to have arrived just in time to watch the gargoyle's feed. They're sexy looking, but their table manners are atrocious. "Put it on plate, you'll enjoy it more," I say. No one gets it. I realize I am now one of those annoying people I loathed on the way up.

Bad humor stowed, I'm particularly impressed with Emily who has a profound fear of heights. Think twice about congratulating her, lest I break the spell and she suddenly realizes how high up she is. Instead I take a long look around in anticipation of giving this magical city a good run for the next two weeks.