Lou Lou's Journal

Saturday, October 21, 2017

I got a myriad of responses when I asked friends which arrondissement to stay in Paris. Only one said the fifteenth. It's not fancy and it's not trendy, but it is wholly Parisian. After surviving a few days of "you ain't from around here" looks, we've slipped into a comfortable rapport with the all the food vendors and the people who run café around the corner. It feels good to be a part of community, if only briefly. We're treated as visitors instead of as tourists. The distinction may seem subtle, but it there's a significant difference.

The location of the fifteenth is spectacular. Steps away from our flat is a minor hub of a metro station. The entirety of Paris, and indeed the train to Versailles is easily accessible. As we walk through many of the other arrondissements we compare them to our temporary home. Funny how you can get attached to an area so quickly once you have a relationship with the people who live and work there.