Lou Lou's Journal

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Versailles is shrouded in a thick fog when we arrive from Paris at the crack of dawn. After setting off in the direction indicated by a myriad of signs at the train station, the location of the fabled palace is not altogether obvious. Mostly because the fog occludes any visibility beyond a hundred yards.

A regal looking dog trots past with a confidence that convinces us to follow. After a half a mile Emily and see the gate. Wow.

The palace and the grounds are vast. It's easy to become obsessed with reading every single informational plaque in an attempt to comprehend; how was this someone's house? Yes, I understand it was the residence of kings, queens, princes, and princesses, but the opulence is truly overwhelming. Yet, it's also inspiring and beautiful.

Around eleven Emily and I eat at what will become one of our favorite places in France, Restaurant Angelina. For those that would argue that there are Michelin starred restaurants in Paris that are probably better, and don't cater to tourists, I say dining is part food and part experience. Outside the fog continues to drift aimlessly, inside, the legendary hot chocolate warms our souls. It's a flawless moment.

We embark on what will become a seven mile trek around the Palace's gardens. Each mile passes with good conversation and spectacular sites. The Petit Trianon is particularly wonderful.

A little further, the Grande Trianon. I'm in disbelief that people woke up, had a coffee, and sauntered around these magical halls as if it was any other day. But I have it on good authority that they did. This inspires me to pursue sovereignty as new career.