LouLou's Journal

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The trip to Arizona, and then to St. Louis immediately following have taken their toll. Woke yesterday morning feeling mildly listless with a tickle in the back of my throat. This morning it's full blown. I feel like crap. Thankfully it's a holiday weekend, there won't be any expectations for higher intelligence.

Have just heard from Kilian, he and his wife were due for an overnight at our place, up from LA. He's bedridden as well and won't be traveling. Must be in the air.

Emily says I've been complaining about feeling low energy for over a week. Last time I had these symptoms it was walking pneumonia.

Emily ran out and got me an orange carrot juice blend from one of those fancy juice shops that require a credit-check before selling your any of their over priced brews. I avoid asking how much it cost and pour the elixir into a glass with reserved ceremony. To be honest, it's delish.