Lou Lesko

Why, hello there.

My name is Lou Lesko. I'm best described as a photographer and writer who went rogue and started a software company after twenty-eight years of being creative for a living.

I started young, before college. Michael, an agent from the fashion industry, took me under his wing and turned me into a fashion photographer. A few years later I went to USC. I graduated with a writing degree and an idealized notion about saving the world through photojournalism. Mildly quixotic, I talked my way onto a project that took me to the Soviet Union in 1989 as a photojournalist. I had no idea what I was doing. Thankfully, much like my start in fashion, a legend in the field saw me floundering and guided my efforts. His name was Vladimir. I continued as a photojournalist for three years until I was well-traveled and broke.

It became increasingly obvious that I needed to make a living. So I marched into the office of the agent who initially discovered me and asked for work. After laughing at me for a good long while, he helped me rebuild my portfolio, and I relaunched my fashion career. This sustained me over the next two decades. During that time, I also started writing professionally and began directing commercials.

I received a Lowell Thomas award for photojournalism, had two books published, wrote a ton of articles, and was an editor at large with National Geographic for three years.

The software company, BlinkBid, started like most milestones in my life, by accident. I was inspired by how TVC producers worked, so I sought to bring the same methodology to the photography world. I came up with a workflow, had the software built, and watched sixteen people buy it over the first year. According to my accountant, I should have bailed out. Instead I had BlinkBid rebuilt from the ground up. To this day, I’m not sure if I was being delusional or optimistic. The remake got some traction and BlinkBid grew. These days I'm running the software company, occasionally speaking, and writing with obsessive alacrity.