Lou Lesko

Journal 2020

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Wood table with espresso and croisant on it.

Shake up the tired routine of immediately diving into the work by diverting to M&H for croisant and espresso at an outside table still wet from the early morning rains. Meet Aidan who is working behind the register, a handsome lad who seems a good match for Hopper. Mention this to him, he’s intrigued. Promise to bring Hopper around for lunch.

Chantal and I have a productive morning sifting through a long agenda for about an hour and half. There has to be a better way of organization than looking at a vast constellation of bits that need attention.

Hopper and I go to lunch at M&H, introduce her to Aidan. There’s clear interest from both sides, yet, no one is asking anyone for a phone number. So I step in and make the suggestion which they both jump on. The youth of today, good gosh.

Hike, then home.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Dull grey skies this morning. With Chantal back from Brazil, and Hopper’s winter break from NYU continuing, the office is full. Dozens of interruptions via text and phone make it difficult to focus. A broccoli salad form the hippie store plays havoc with stomach, thankfully the mild malady clears by the time I have to get on the boat meet Charlyn for wine in the city.

Take the boat home to Emily and a much needed scotch.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

With a relentless spirit I take to the last vestiges of six month backlog of things to do that I’ve been chipping away at for the last three days. By sundown I am triumphant. The journey of getting through the onerous list reveals an ugly truth about intellectual clutter. Eighty percent of the digital bits and pieces saved were utterly superfluous, it would have been better not to have saved them at all.

Speak to Julia and her mother who are celebrating Julia’s birthday. Am sad I didn’t reach out to her earlier in the day, an oversight, a result of taking on too much in the morning. It informs a philosophy I vow to adopt from this moment forward.

On the upside, with the detritus out of the way, I’m ready and able for the week ahead.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

A dreadful day. It’s not until noon that I realize that I’m horribly sleep deprived. Muddle through the best I can, but am basically useless both in thought and in action.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Start the morning with coffee at Ascendo. It's a miserable name for a fabulous café. The espresso, the food, and, especially, the people that work there, are wonderful.

Wood table with espresso cup.

Emily and I spend the day walking, talking, and taking in the our adopted city. We end up at the church at the mission. Not one to be heavily religious—I went to Catholic school K-8—I'm struck by the reverence that I feel in the church. It sparks a myriad of thoughts. God and all that surrounds him continues to mystify and confuse, but, for now, I'm taken by the image of the pews and how the light strikes them.

Pews dramatically lit in the church at San Luis Obispo.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The new decade begins. Emily and I bounce out of bed, grab coffee, and talk about our dreams for the new year. A languorous morning before we head to Diane and John’s for brunch. Their daughter Annie is there with her husband and their infant daughter. Amy and April are also in attendance. Around a grand table with excellent food the hours pass with good conversation.

Depart for another hike at Lake Laguna, a favorite spot, where we trek and talk. The day is perfect and finishes with salads from Whole Foods, wine, and Netflix on the laptop. Bliss.