What the…

Hi there. I’m Lou. I’ve been a photographer and a writer since the age of nineteen. The former was twenty-eight years in the glam slam of the fashion industry. The latter started in college via my degree—went on hiatus for eleven years—then rekindled around the turn of the century with magazine features and a couple of books. My photography won a few awards including a Lowell Thomas Gold for photojournalsim, and my writing earned me a three year stint as an editor-at-large with National Geographic Assignment.

In 2010 I founded BlinkBid bidding and producing software. It's a product that brings intelligent order to the chaos of advertising photography/motion, TV commercials, short-form production, and post-production jobs.

Welcome to my site. You might find some of my featured posts more interesting than trying to figure out what I'm looking at in the picture below.

Photo: Michelle Carmichael